Szechuan Pork Belly Bites with BBQ Glaze

The first one we made was Szechuan pork belly bites I found over at Continue reading “Szechuan Pork Belly Bites with BBQ Glaze”

Pork Belly Extravaganza

So, what to do if you have a 3kg/ 6¾ lbs slab of pork belly lurking in the freezer? You organize another cookout with Koen…😎 Continue reading “Pork Belly Extravaganza”

Sous Vide Galore: Green Asparagus, 65°C Egg and Hollandaise Foam

Koen and I had another cookout recently. We picked this entrée so we could use the Sousvide for (almost) all elements.

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Burger Week: #4: The Iberico Burger @ Day Foodbar, Amstelveen

Burger Week at Arcisfoodblog: 6 posts on some of the more remarkable burgers I “encountered” in the past couple of months; either homemade or in restaurants. Continue reading “Burger Week: #4: The Iberico Burger @ Day Foodbar, Amstelveen”

Scotch Quail Eggs with Bois Boudran Dipping Sauce by Galton Blackiston

For Chantal’s birthday party, I made some Scotch eggs with a delicious herby dipping sauce. This is the meaty version, I will post the veggie one later this week.

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Around the World – Spain – Salmorejo Cordobés

Ask anyone to name a cold tomato soup from Spain, and the reply will be gazpacho. However, salmorejo is a fantastic thick tomato soup from Córdoba that is eaten cold too.

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Pancetta and Sage Risotto by Ursula Ferrigno

A straight forward “pantry” risotto for a delicious weekday supper.

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Fusilli with Pancetta, Shiitake Mushrooms and Wilted Greens

When we returned from holidays, and we were still battling jetlag, we wanted some simple one-pot meals. This pasta dish recipe from Yasmin Fahr over at only needed minimal shopping, cooking and washing up. A perfect fit.  Continue reading “Fusilli with Pancetta, Shiitake Mushrooms and Wilted Greens”

Spaghetti Marinara with Oven-baked Meatballs

I came across the recipe for these “Marvellous Meatballs” over at Sweet and Savory Bite a couple of months ago.  Continue reading “Spaghetti Marinara with Oven-baked Meatballs”

Marcella Hazan’s Ragu Bolognese

Inspired by the delicious Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina I had in Fuerteventura, I had another go at a big batch of ragu bolognese.  Continue reading “Marcella Hazan’s Ragu Bolognese”

Chicken Peri Peri / Boerewors from the Big Green Egg

Despite some unexpected rain showers (I really should have first checked the weather forecast…) it was a nice opportunity to break in the Big Green Egg I got for my birthday last week from Chantal. ❤️

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Non-Vegetarian Burger with Halloumi with Green Goddess Dressing…

We already did a veggie version of the Bacon & halloumi burger with green goddess dressing from the now-defunct White Pepper Project.

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