J&B Craft Drinks, Amsterdam

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Fennel, Lemon and Pistachio​ Risotto

With half of our induction hobs and our oven out of order for about a month (grrr), I had to become quite creative in one-pot cooking.

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Lasagna by Marcus Wareing

Another great recipe from the Marcus at Home cookbook to give our new pasta machine a spin.
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Around the World – Fyn, Denmark

Our first part of the summer holiday; we stayed a week in Denmark close to Nørre Aaby on western shores of the Fyn island.

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Marley Spoon Food Box Review – An Update

Another month into our food box subscription from Marley Spoon. Some hits and misses: here is a selection of pics and general observations.

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Marley Spoon Food Box Review

Three weeks in our food box subscription from Marley Spoon. So far, so good: here are some pics and review.

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Lakrids A by Johan Bülow

“According to many, Lakrids A is instantly addictive”, it says on the label….

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Latkes with Smoked Salmon / Mollydooker’s Carnival of Love Shiraz

This Saturday we went over to Koen and Erica’s for dinner and to taste one fabulous shiraz from Mollydooker wineries that he picked up at Aixvinum in Aachen, Germany while on holidays “in the neighbourhood”. I suspected that Koen planned their whole holiday around this, but it actually wasn’t… Continue reading “Latkes with Smoked Salmon / Mollydooker’s Carnival of Love Shiraz”