Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry

This one actually goes back to one of the first posts I made on arcisfoodblog. It’s a delicious dish with succulent fried chicken and a smooth, mild Japanese curry sauce that has become a family favorite over the years.

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Japanese Katsu Chicken Curry

After having seen the kids being served some beautiful fresh home-made “Pouletknüsperli” in Switzerland, I recalled this recipe of this kids-friendly Japanese “chicken nugget curry” to try when back at home.

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Parsnip Soup with Apples and Walnuts

I like root vegetable soups with spices, so when I saw some sunchokes (“aardperen”) in the supermarket I immediately wanted to try them.

Once in a while, it’s time to spend the entire day in the kitchen and try to recreate some of the recipes I wanted to cook and pair it with some nice wines from the cellar. As usual, it was easy to persuade Koen and Erica to come over to help me out with the cooking/tasting. This Saturday we had another of those “cookouts”. In the next posts, you will see the results.

What worked and what didn’t:

I found this recipe from Marcus Samuelsson on Serious Eats. The soup was really delicious. The addition of sunchokes gives a floral note to this spice-infused soup. The apple/walnut topping gives it a crunchy and zingy finish. Yum!

Recipe accuracy:

The recipe was easy to follow and timing was accurate. Serves more than 6.

Verdict: 9/10;  definitely worth making again