Locavore Bali @ Rijks Restaurant* – Amsterdam (May 2019)

No need to travel over 12,000km to enjoy the fantastic food and cocktails of Indonesia’s best restaurant, Locavore, as they took over the Rijks* kitchen last week! Continue reading “Locavore Bali @ Rijks Restaurant* – Amsterdam (May 2019)”

RIJKS* x Locavore, Amsterdam (April 2017)

I think that there were only 3 minutes between reading about the restaurant collaboration event between RIJKS from Amsterdam and Locavore from Ubud, Bali and booking my table…

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Around the World – Locavore – Ubud, Bali (Aug 2015)

Just after booking our holidays to Bali, I started browsing for restaurants in the places we would be staying. Locavore in Ubud always popped up in the top lists of restaurants.

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