Around the World – Adelboden, Switzerland

We spent a week skiing in Adelboden, Berner Oberland, in the southwestern part of Switzerland. Close to the French and Italian borders, their cuisines are clearly interlinked; so huge portions, loads of cheese, huge slabs of meats and dried meats 😉 

One restaurant even had a separate menu just for schnitzels! The bruschetta filled schnitzel was tempting, but I skipped it. We also noticed that there was a downright fetish for sprouts/shoots as we almost always had some kind as garnish….

The lunches in the (ski slope) restaurants were very good, yet expensive, as pretty much everything in Switzerland (especially after the FX link between the Euro and Swiss Franc was cancelled early 2015). We also had some fantastic wood-oven pizzas with some Cannonau di Sardegna.

Riesenbauerbratwurst vom Holzgrill, Salat & Berner frites
apple fritters
Apple fritters with vanilla sauce

The hotel where we were stayed offered a nice halfboard setting with 4 course meals and salad bar. Overall, it was quite nice with some 70s and 80s influences (corn salad with curry dressing; we only missed tangerine segments), but also some interesting local dishes like Rinderbouillon mit Flädli (Beef stock with pancake strips) that was a favourite of the kids and Wirsingsuppe (a Savoy cabbage soup with caraway). And Swiss cheese fondue of course.

A variety of good Swiss cheeses was offered at the breakfast buffet in the Hotel (Gruyère, Appenzeller, Tilsiter and a local Adelbodener Bergkäse). Touching their rinds prompted several times washing your hands to get rid to the “odeur”. A very wise thing to do before putting on your ski gloves…

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