As part of the Restaurant Festival, we had a delightful 4-course all-inclusive lunch at Restaurant Jaimie van Heije last week. Although the restaurant is already open since October 2012 and is less than 5km from where we live, we had not yet been there.

Jaimie trained in various Michelin starred restaurants like Apicius(*), Oud Sluis(***) and lastly Ron Blaauw(**) where he was sous-chef. After Ron Blaauw moved from Ouderkerk a/d Amstel to Amsterdam, Jaimie became the chef of Ron’s Vis van de Dag restaurant at Ron Blaauw‘s old site. In 2013, Ron offered Jaimie to take over the building of the restaurant so he could start his own restaurant (at the age of 27).

Recently, friends of ours were very positive about their experience in the restaurant, so it was a natural choice when we got the email to book a table.

Together with a young and enthusiastic team, he aims for a relaxed bistro ambiance focussing on seasonal ingredients. What can I say: he sure has skills and it shows. This is in no way a regular bistro… combinations of bold and subtle flavors with a great textural variety, very good wine arrangement and service. Aesthetically pleasing too: below you will find some pictures of the beautiful plates they served. 

Buddha Beef – Charred whole grain toast, filet americain, sesame dressing, turnip, foie brulée, soy sauce
Sayur Lodeh – Polenta of coconut and corn, cod rendang, katjang pedis crumbs, and shellfish sauce
Chuck Tender with carrot, celeriac puree, parsley and sauce naturelle (Chuck tender is also known as Jewish Fillet, Terrace Major or Bavette. In Dutch it’s called Diamanthaas, hence the diamond shape made from parsley)
Blanc Manger – Soft almond crème, sponge cake, pomelo, cremeux and grapefruit sorbet

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