Amber Garden Restaurant – Amstelveen (October 2019)

A new high-end Chinese restaurant in Amstelveen has officially opened late September.  I checked it out for a quick dinner with my brother last month, and it is really, really good!

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Aan de Poel** – Amstelveen (October 2019)

A special truffle dinner! Continue reading “Aan de Poel** – Amstelveen (October 2019)”

Restaurant Olivijn* – Haarlem (October 2019)

3rd Friday fancy lunch in a row was at Restaurant Olivijn* in Haarlem. Continue reading “Restaurant Olivijn* – Haarlem (October 2019)”

Restaurant ‘t Nonnetje** – Harderwijk (September 2019)

We have been trying out some fine-dining restaurants that were already quite some time on our “to-do” list. Continue reading “Restaurant ‘t Nonnetje** – Harderwijk (September 2019)”

Restaurant De Burgemeester* – Linschoten (September 2019)

The very recent restyling of Restaurant De Burgemeester* was a reason enough to revisit them for Chantal’s birthday.

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Parallel Bar / Restaurant – Amsterdam (September 2019)

After attending a blessed Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider tasting at J&B Craft Drinks a couple of weeks ago, dinner was not far away, as Albert and I had our eyes set on Parallel Bar / Restaurant.  Continue reading “Parallel Bar / Restaurant – Amsterdam (September 2019)”

Around the World – British Columbia road trip​ (2019) – Whistler

The next stop of our road trip through British Columbia was up into the mountains: Whistler. Continue reading “Around the World – British Columbia road trip​ (2019) – Whistler”

Around the World – Vancouver, Canada – Hawksworth Restaurant (July 2019)

Our lunch at Vancouver’s Hawksworth Restaurant during our summer holiday in British Columbia surely warranted a separate post!

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Restaurant 212* – Amsterdam (July 2019)

Another delightful lunch at Restaurant 212*.

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Restaurant ​Jaimie van Heije – Ouderkerk a/d Amstel (June 2019)

Time for the summer installment of #jaimiestuesdaytestkitchen!

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Locavore Bali @ Rijks Restaurant* – Amsterdam (May 2019)

No need to travel over 12,000km to enjoy the fantastic food and cocktails of Indonesia’s best restaurant, Locavore, as they took over the Rijks* kitchen last week! Continue reading “Locavore Bali @ Rijks Restaurant* – Amsterdam (May 2019)”

Restaurant Jaimie van Heije – Ouderkerk a/d Amstel (March 2019)

Spring is coming… Continue reading “Restaurant Jaimie van Heije – Ouderkerk a/d Amstel (March 2019)”