Well, what can I say? I’m Arne-Willem, 42 years old, married to Chantal, and we have 2 teenage boys, Micah and Danne. We live in Amstelveen, the Netherlands.

During the day, I keep myself busy working as an independent (interim) tax manager (I promise to keep the topic of taxes to the bare minimum!). During high school and university, I spent my summers in various restaurant kitchens. Although not formally trained, I do know my way around kitchens. In my spare time, I read a lot about cooking, am trying out recipes, and am experimenting with new cooking techniques, products, and gadgets.

The blog started in 2014 mainly out of frustration with poorly written or translated recipes (incorrect measures, missing ingredients, unclear instructions, etc.). Therefore, I started cooking recipes as instructed and then assess how I would tweak them and post those findings.

The results of my culinary adventures, our travels, and visits to restaurants are posted on this blog. As Chantal is a vegetarian, you will see a nice mix of (practical) recipes and restaurant reviews. All my photos are handheld shots taken with my iPhone. In general, no fancy plating or food styling here, especially for weekday dishes as those pictures are made in approximately 1 minute from stove to table.

This blog is not sponsored whatsoever, so you will find our unfiltered personal experiences and opinions.


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