Mac ‘n Cheese by Marco Pierre White

When the grown ups indulge in culinary experimentation, it’s always a challenge to make something easy and more suitable for the kids. This time they were quite vocal about it and demanded Mac ‘n Cheese! Luckily, I had this version by Marco Pierre White still in my culinary bucket list.

Marco Pierre White’s recipe – as shown as a masterclass on Masterchef Australia – cannot be considered a healthy option taking into account the loads of cream, mascarpone and cheddar. Therefore, accepting the risk of instantly clogged arteries, we indulged in the richest and moreish Mac ‘n Cheese we ever had!

mac n cheese ingredients

It does need some extra prep work for the different kinds of mushrooms and the shallot / garlic paste (which I had to blitz first before actually being able to ground in a pestle and mortar), but it pays off due to the added earthiness whilst still not turning it into Mac ‘n Mushroom.


mushroom mix

Marco uses slightly less butter and flour for the roux compared to more usual ratios for béchamel sauces (30 instead of 50 gram each on 1 liter of fluids), but due to the cream and mascarpone it still came together very nicely.

mac n cheese from pan

The recipe said to serve immediately but I made it on Saturday morning anticipating reheating it in the oven that night. Obviously, I needed to taste it first… over and over and over again, it was that good. I was able to finally restrain myself, but kinda spoiled my appetite for lunch.

Due to a change of plan, it only ended up on the dinner table on Sunday (and Monday…). Reheating is not a problem in view of the creaminess of the sauce. 25-30 minutes @160C will do the trick, just remember to cover with tin foil for the first 15 minutes or so to avoid to top to brown too much.

mac n cheese from oven

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe is accurate, easy to follow and indeed serves 8 persons.

Suggested tweaks:
The only thing we could think of to enhance this dish (and make it even more decadent) was a shaving of truffle.

Verdict: 9/10; Will definitely be made again, it will be soooo good on a cold winter day….

5 thoughts on “Mac ‘n Cheese by Marco Pierre White

    1. Hi Josette, thanks for dropping by! It is indeed a brilliant idea to make a paste of it. You get tons of flavour, but keep the consistency of the Mac ‘n Cheese nice and smooth.

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