Welcome to the Second Annual Burger Week at Arcisfoodblog 😇. This year 7 posts on some of the more remarkable burgers I “encountered” in the past couple of months; either homemade or in restaurants.

UPDATE: The Restaurant Closed late 2017

As part of the rejuvenation of the Groot Gelderland Plein in Amsterdam-Buitenveldert, a slew of new restaurants has been opened/upgraded. One of them was Takumi Burger & Lobster Bar (Van Leijenburglaan 140). Late August they decided to no longer serve lobster, so it was converted to Takumi Burgers & Steaks and they now have a new and very promising menu, with more sandwiches, standard and specialty burgers with tempura.

We tried them earlier this year and I sampled the 200g Wagyu Beef Burger (EUR 13.50) with supplemental Cheese and Bacon toppings (+EUR 1.00 each). The kids had a Classic Burger Set: 200g Black Angus burger, Bacon, Cheese and Fries (EUR 10.50), so for once, I got to steal their fries.😀

Both burgers were tasty, not overly seasoned and grilled to perfection to keep the patties nice and juicy. Toppings were crispy bacon rashers, plenty of cheese and rounded off with a ranch-style sauce. The cucumber slices and lettuce on the top of the burger were a bit out-of-place, but not bad at all.


Comparing a similar menu (including EUR 2.50-3.50 for fries), I didn’t think it was worth shelling out an additional EUR 7.50-8.50 for the Wagyu beef option, but mainly due to the fact that the Black Angus burger was quite good too. The overall price level of the new menu seems a bit lower, but there is no mention if the burgers are still 200g. Nowadays, the Wagyu burger will set you back EUR 11.50 (+EUR 2.75 for fries, and EUR 1 per topping) vs. EUR 9.00 for the Classic Burger Set. Therefore, the upgrade to Wagyu essentially stays the same: EUR 7.25.

The restaurant is quite small and on the ground floor we were sitting pretty much opposite the open kitchen and the air was thick with burger and lobster fumes. There were quite a few some frowns when we went shopping for groceries immediately afterward… 😅 😷

Verdict: 7/10, a bit pricy, but tasty burgers nonetheless.

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