For the past couple of years, I drive by this restaurant every on my way to work. It is pretty much out-of-the-way from where I work as it is huddled between the AMC hospital and the eastern part of the Amsterdam Zuid-Oost business area (Paasheuvelweg 26).

Nevertheless, as I needed to visit a nearby Apple Service Center, I thought I would give it a try for lunch. There are not too many restaurants around here, so the Grandcafé ZO was pleasantly busy with all kinds of business lunch crowds.

From their large menu (soups, sandwiches, salads and quite a few warm dishes, like pastas and steaks), I unsurprisingly choose their Beef Burger (EUR 12.50).

It turned out to be sesame bun with a cheddar-topped beef burger topped with a tomato relish. No frills, just the burger and plenty of fries, but it was a real treat. The brioche bun itself was very nice and the juicy, loosely structured beef burger had a great grill flavour that went well with the tangy tomato relish. They clearly put effort in this burger, so the run-of-the-mill steakhouse fries were a (minor) let-down. Nevertheless, I would gladly return!

Verdict: 8/10

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