As said, we spent about 2 weeks in beautiful Bali. This is the first post about some of the Balinese and Indonesian food we had.

Soto Ayam
SOTO AYAM @HELICONIA RESTAURANT AT THE LOVINA RESORT; hearty chicken soup with potato, tomatoes, eggs, noodles, served with steamed rice, sambal oelek, and krupuk crackers
Chili oil in a baby bottle
CHILI OIL IN A BABY BOTTLE @ UMAH PIZZA (JL. BISMA IN UBUD); Surely not very infant friendly, but it did prove an excellent way to dose the chili oil
Chicken Satay
FOOD WITH A VIEW… @SARI ORGANIK (JL. RAYA TJAMPUHAN IN UBUD); Chicken satay with braised vegetables and mixed rice
Tofu and Tempe skewers
FOOD WITH A VIEW… @SARI ORGANIK (JL. RAYA TJAMPUHAN IN UBUD); Tahoe and tempe skewers with mushrooms and zucchini in a spicy Asian BBQ sauce
Stark Wheat Beer
…all washed down with a couple of Starks. A very nice, slightly sweet Balinese wheat beer (which surprisingly we hadn’t come across in Lovina Beach….)
Rice Paddies Ubud
… with this amazing view on the rice paddies from the balcony. Bliss…

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