I can safely admit now that the New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 went overboard on January 3…A late-morning visit to Artis Zoo was the cause of it all. With temperature close to freezing, most of the animals wisely chose refuge in their indoor quarters or burrows. So for lunch, we ourselves chose refuge and ended up at Burgermeester opposite the Zoo (Plantage Kerklaan 37).

I believe it’s one of the oldest burger joints in Amsterdam, this year celebrating its 10th anniversary and nowadays with 4 outlets across town. I have visited them a few times before and came back as all burgers, toppings, and sauces are home-made and the burgers made from scratch.

For the meat, there is ample choice: beef, lamb, wild boar, duck, fish, but there are 2 vegetarian options too. The menu rotates regularly and there is “audience participation” as the burger of the month is chosen based on submissions from the clients.

Further choices are to be made regarding the size of the burger (full size at €8,25-10,00 or mini size at €4,25) and the bread (white Italian rolls or full-grain buns). For the carb-conscious, an option to ditch the bun and have your burger wrapped in lettuce and served as a salad is available too (€2 extra). Rather atypical for burger joints, no french fries are available: the only sides are baked potatoes, corn on the cob, coleslaw and a couple of salads.

Given the size of the burgers, we decided not to have any sides. The kids went for the regular cheeseburgers as they said that they were really hungry, but due to the Italian rolls, they could have easily resorted to the mini sizes. They liked them though.

Chantal opted for the vegetarian kale burger on a full-grain bun (€9,50).

Kale and broad beans burgers topped with grilled chanterelle mushrooms and mustard sauce

This homemade burger was already plenty tasty and had the grilled mushrooms give it a nice umami hit. However, the mustard sauce had a huge kick, borderline overwhelming the taste of the burger.

With options galore, I couldn’t narrow down to one. Luckily, there is also the Mini Trio option and therefore got to pick 3 mini burgers (€12,50) 😇.

From left to right: BEEF KIMCHI (Blonde d’Aquitaine beef with last year’s kimchi)
WILD BOAR (Wild Boar, pointed cabbage, red onion, and saffron mayo)
BEEF ROYALE (Blonde d’Aquitaine beef, truffle egg, pancetta)
all EUR 9,50 for the full-sized version and I washed them down with an Australian Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

All mini burgers themselves were satisfying and tasty, but the toppings were a tad unbalanced. The kimchi itself was yummy but overpowered the taste of the burger itself. The chunky truffled egg salad tasted good but got a bit mushy on the burger. The saffron mayo and cabbage on the wild boar burger was a perfect combination though.

As said, the burgers themselves are good and there is something on the menu to satisfy everybody’s needs, so definitely worthwhile to check Burgermeester out. 🍴🍔

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