Having successfully dodged the task of accompanying the kids to a Katy Perry concert a couple of weeks ago, Koen and I decided to grab some 🍔 and 🍺. A couple of days before our visit, Rotisserie was mentioned in the Parool newspaper as an aside in Hiske Versprille’s review of its sister restaurant, The Fat Pie. As she wrote that in her opinion, Rotisserie’s burgers are the best in town, Koen didn’t need much persuasion from my side to go and check them out.

Rotisserie has two outlets, one west of the city center (De Clercqstraat 81) aptly named Rotisserie West, but as it was easier for us to reach, we chose Rotisserie East (Beukenplein 17). Due to an injury, Koen was walking with crutches, and therefore taking public transport was not ideal, so we decided to catch an Uber. After we sat down on their terrace on the square, we glanced over the menu to order some drinks. Obviously, the El Diablo from Cocktail section immediately caught our eye due to the pricing, but the RYIL (recommended if you like) mentioning Katy Perry, a square in Amsterdam, and sharing Ubers was just uncanny. We were “summoned” to go there! 👹

The El Diablo cocktail itself wasn’t up our alley, so we ordered some G&T’s: one with Gin Mare (€9,50) and one with Hendrick’s Gin (€9,25) and pondered the possibilities of starters.

Obviously various chicken options (wings, fried, pulled), but also onion rings, pork ribs, house pickles, and nachos are available. We opted for The Clercq Fried Chicken (2 crispy fried chicken thighs with ranch sauce, €11,50) as well as the Pork Ribs with BBQ sauce (€10,50). Both generous portions; the fried chicken was super crispy, tender and tasted great. So did the pork ribs, although the meat was just a tad dry.

From the “Advanced & Less ordinary” cocktail list, we then opted for the White Negroni (€9,50). A nice twist on the classic aperitif by using Lillet Blanc and grapefruit bitters instead of Campari. An excellent and less tangy variation.

For mains, you have a choice of chicken (rotisserie roasted or fried), burgers (regular, cheeseburger, chicken and veggie options as well as a monthly special), various toppings for the burgers and sides (corn, coleslaw, potatoes, regular fries, and loaded fries) as well as two salads.

As the surimi and egg yolk topped chicken burger special wasn’t very appealing, we kept it simple with the Royale With Cheese (double beef patty, cheddar, tomato lettuce, pickles, sauce) with a side of extra crispy bacon (€11,25).

You don’t come across too many burger joints that opt for double patties as standard, but it was a delicious burger with the spot-on patties, just cooked through yet still nice and juicy. The only downside is that but the abundance of sauce and meat juices had saturated the lower part of the burger bun already when served. The upside of having two patties is that you can take it apart and have 2 open-faced burgers that are more manageable to eat. Nevertheless, hugely satisfying and indeed recommended!


We also split the delicious Turbo Cheese Fries (fries, cheddar topped with ginger scallions, chili crunch, and peanuts, €8). With the layer of cheddar halfway through, you automatically get a fiery cheese sauce as the chili oil trickles down. We feel that it should be renamed to “El Scorcho” as the chili crunch is fiendishly hot and curiously addictive. 😳😅🤤. We immediately had to order some Lagunitas beers from the tap (IPA and Little Sumpin, €4,75/4,95) to cool things down. I was stuffed, but Koen even had a go at the severely spiked Pirate Rum Oreo Milkshake (€8.75), partly to quench the lingering after-burn…

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  1. Hi Arne Willem,

    I’ve finally subscribed after hearing Ann talk about your blog for about the last 4 years. I guess it was never ‘accessible’ whenever she bought it up. So in fact, I had never seen it until today when she literally put your Rotisserie post in my hands (via her phone). I enjoyed it so much that I subscribed immediately afterward. Looking forward to catching up on your reviews and trying some recipes!

    Take care,


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