Around the World – Hotel Becker’s – Trier, Germany

Last week, we were off skiing in Switzerland. We first had a stopover in Trier as we wanted to cut the 900km trip in two as we could only start driving at 15.30 in view of school.

As it is rather difficult to get a hotel room for 4 persons, it always is challenging to find something (affordable) in the holiday season. With some luck I found Hotel Becker’s in Olewig, just to the south of Trier on the Riesling Weinstrasse, and immediately booked a room.

Afterwards, I checked out their website to see if we could get something to eat when would arrive, only to find out that their chef Wolfgang Becker has been awarded with 2 Michelin stars for the Becker’s Restaurant! His wife Christine is also the sommelier.

Incredibly busy bees these two: in the same building that historically functioned as the Becker family winery (which Wolfgang took over in 1997) they also run a second – more rustic styled –  restaurant Weinhaus (for which Wolfgang was awarded his 1st Michelin star in 2001), a hotel with design rooms in the new annex and other rooms in the old Weinhaus and a wine bar. It goes without saying that their own Becker wines are prominently present. To top it all, they also opened a Bar/Restaurant/Deli, Becker’s XO, in downtown Trier last year!

Alas, Becker’s Restaurant was closed for 3 weeks… D’oh! Furthermore, the menu for the Weinhaus seemed a bit challenging for tired kids too, so we decided to have dinner en route. Nevertheless, when we arrived, we were welcomed with a complementary half-bottle of their 2012 Riesling (trocken) in our room in the Weinhaus. It was really stunning, so I spent the rest of the evening scanning their list of available wines…

After a nice breakfast in the Weinhaus, we left again with 12 bottles with a nice assortment from their Rieslings, Grauburgunders (Pinot Gris), Spätburgunders (Pinot Noir) as well as some of their special cuvée blends and sparkling wines. I also picked up a Riesling XO brandy that was based on their stellar 2000 harvest.


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