Chantal and I try to go to Aan de Poel at least 2 times a year and Stefan van Sprang and his team keep surprising us with their fabulous food and wine pairings. This time we used the ‘Dining with the Stars’ promotion early December to have a 4-course lunch and sample their winter menu.

We started off with a very nice bubbly from R.H. Coutier
One of the amuses: Pickled Turnip and Green Apple
Starter: Smoked Aubergine, Carrot, and Yogurt
Langoustine, Pulpo, Cauliflower, and Dried Tuna and Basil Oil
Crispy rice paper, Baby corn, Yogurt, Samphire, Cauliflower (and a load of stuff underneath that we cannot recall)
Blackened Sole Fillet, Razor Clams, Beets, Coconut and a Sole and Shiitake Dim Sum
Simmenthaler Beef (grilled and pulled), Brussels Sprouts with a Red Wine and Smoked Butter reduction, Unfortunately, the slice of marrow on top of the beef had not been cleaned thoroughly enough, so I had some bone shards in my mouth. Otherwise, it was an excellent dish.
Grilled Parsnip with Blue Cheese and Pickled Ginger
The dessert was a fabulous and wafer-thin Sugar Ball with Lavender and Blackberries (different textures: Sorbet, Merengue Shards, Mousse and on their own)


No wonder they maintained their 2 Michelin Stars, it was splendid!

The Dining With The Starts lunch promo itself was EUR 59.50 per person. However, including the bubbly, water, 2 halfsies wine pairings (with some quite unusual varietals from Spain and Italy), coffee/tea and friandises, the total bill was almost double: EUR 205.

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