We were back at Aan de Poel** yet again…

Further to my review of the lunch Chantal and I had there a couple of weeks earlier, Koen and Erica also wanted to see the remodelled restaurant. We needed little persuasion to join them for dinner early October as we had lately primarily gone there for lunches only.

So close together, the menu of Aan de Poel hadn’t changed yet. Therefore, I had the same same courses as 4-course lunch (the duck and lobster dishes were my 2 additional ones), but Chantal actually had 4 new courses that evening.

All delightful again: the regular 6-course Chef’s menu (EUR 119), the vegetarian menu (EUR 99) as well as the wine pairings. Here are some of the pictures of the various courses.

Amuse: Different structures of pumpkin
1a. Blackened red mullet salicornia, green tomato and XO-vinaigrette
1b. Carrots and Asparagus (and always nice to see perfect Pommes Souffées!)
2a. Brique & Bisque pickled cucumber and marinated lobster
2b. Structures of cucumber
3a. Roasted fillet of sole kamut, cauliflower, pomegranate and Parmesan
4a. Foie gras & magret de canard carrot, puffed rice, furikake-zucchini
4b. Salsify and Truffle Red Wine Jus
5. Truffled french toast tenderloin, mushrooms and blueberry


6. Blackberry kaffir-lime, coconut and shiso

Sweettooth’s heaven…

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