Despite some unexpected rain showers (I really should have first checked the weather forecast…) it was a nice opportunity to break in the Big Green Egg I got for my birthday last week from Chantal. ❤️

I got the mini version (so far we dubbed it “The Small Green Egg” or “The Quail Egg”) but it still easily accommodates for family barbecues.

I have a neighbor from South Africa who recently launched his own food truck (Dutch Boerie) bringing the South African style BBQ (“braai”) to the Netherlands. I got some fabulous homemade boerewors (a spiced beef and pork sausage roll) and spicy peri peri chicken thighs from Dutch Boerie and I also put some burgers on for the kids. All grilled over his imported Kameeldoring (Camelthorn) charcoal which gave it a very nice smokiness in the Big Green Egg.


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