Burger Week at Arcisfoodblog: 6 posts on some of the more remarkable burgers I “encountered” in the past couple of months; either homemade or in restaurants.Dutch Boerie, my South African neighbour, decided to expand the assortment of his Braai food truck with a burger. Lucky me… 😄

Not just any burger, but 180gr/ 6oz pure beef patties that he makes himself from chuck steaks that are first cubed and marinated in boerewors seasoning for 24 hours before being minced twice at 8mm. As a result: a subtly yet distinctly seasoned and coarsely ground patty with the right fat content to end up nice and juicy when grilled.

Boerie burger
The original Boerie Burger is served with lettuce, a slice of Old Amsterdam cheese, tomato, red onions and peri peri mayonnaise

I got myself a couple of Boerie Burger patties and they really delivered. It was a rare moment that I found myself – after finishing the last bite and grinning ear to ear – mumbling to no one in particular: “Wow, that was damn good burger…” Furthermore, I am sure they are going end up even better when actually put on the BBQ.

boerie burger sliced
I made my burger with mayo, thinly sliced raw onion, tomato, bacon, a slice of Old Amsterdam and finished up with Bois Boudran sauce

The Bois Boudran sauce made it hugely messy to eat but it was a match made in heaven, really complementing and not overpowering the flavour of the Boerie Burger patties. Only downside I can think of is the use of Old Amsterdam cheese. It tastes great, but it doesn’t melt very well and therefore usually starts looking a bit “sweaty”.

The good news: you can order the patties in NL; the bad news: so far only pick-up in Leidschendam or Amstelveen only; the better news: at EUR 8 per 4, they’re well worth the detour.

Verdict: 9/10

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