Cherry Clafoutis

A French clafoutis tart really brings childhood memories of summer bakes with all kinds of fresh fruit, but the real classic is made with cherries. I used fresh ones in this recipe, based on Daniel Gritzer’s over at

Most effort of this delicious clafoutis recipe was pitting and halving the fresh cherries as the batter is made in just a couple of minutes. It is also a very “light” tart as it only uses 2 tablespoons of butter and 40g / 1 1/4 oz. sugar in it.

The most impressive part of this clafoutis is its fluffy texture due to its balance between milk and eggs. Using too much milk or using cream will give it a dense, a bit rubbery texture – especially when cooled – while using too little fluids will give a slightly unpleasant eggy flavour.

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe is accurate and I’d reckon that by using a 9″/22cm baking pan it serves 8 to 10 as a dessert rather than the indicated 6.

Suggested tweaks:
You can also use pitted cherries from a jar, but do make sure to drain them in order not to disturb the ratio of fluids. I didn’t have any kirsch at home (it was optional), but I reckon that it will boost the flavour especially when using pitted cherries from a jar. I did compensate by serving the clafoutis with generous scoop of maraschino cherry ice cream…

Verdict: 9/10; Will definitely be made again

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