Having seen many Asian recipes with slow roasted pork belly, I wanted to give it a go in the sous vide water oven and then finish it under a hot grill.

This is a recipe I got from Serious Eats. Alas, getting the ingredients was not easy: the steamed buns were hard to find as most steamed buns are filled and even Lindenhoff was out of pork belly. After explaining the recipe, I was recommended by their butcher to use some pork neck instead and get a slightly more meaty texture.

What worked and what didn’t:

It was utterly delicious! Crunchy, spicy meat with the intense flavor of “Porkonaise” (the reduced marinade and braising fluids mixed with mayonnaise). I was also surprised how easy it was to make the pickled cucumbers!

Recipe accuracy / suggested tweaks:

The recipe was easy to follow, and timing was generally accurate. However, reducing the pork braise took me more like 30 instead of 15 minutes.

Verdict: 9/10; definitely worth making again

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