I am always looking for quick week-day pasta dishes that are not so heavy on the sauce.

This dish is based on a recipe from Alice Hart’s Vegalicious cookbook (the original English title is Vegetarian), which was nominated for Cookbook Of The Year 2011 here in the Netherlands.

I found an English adaptation of the recipe over at The Vegaquarian Times. The main difference is that they used walnuts instead of toasted pine nuts. As I couldn’t find orecchiette in the store, I used casareccia by De Cecco.

What worked and what didn’t:
The al dente pasta together with the garlic sautéed broccoli is fabulous!

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe was easy to follow, and the measures of ingredients work well together. The quantity is sufficient to serve 4.

Suggested tweaks:
We toned down on the red chili peppers for the sake of the kids, but it should indeed pack a bit of a kick.

Verdict: 8/10; Will definitely be again

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