Do yourself a favor and prepare this amazing potato salad this summer. I served a double batch at my birthday party, and it was gone in no time.

Potato salads are often heavy on mayo and rather dull in flavor, but Kenji López-Alt surely knows how to sell his one over on

How good is this potato salad? Let me put it this way: It’s the kind of potato salad that it’s worth paying a 70% premium plus mandatory $10 tip to have delivered to your door at 3AM.

High expectations, but oh boy, this one does deliver. Very easy to make, and it is perfectly balanced: light, yet punchy due to its sour cream-based mustard/dill dressing and use of raw red onions and spring onions.

As per usual I should say, Serious Eats also provides some interesting cooking techniques: by using some vinegar, the potatoes (I used red-skinned French “Chérie” potatoes) keep their shape during and after cooking.

I made the potato salad again the next week to go with a crispy cod burger (which obviously paired very well with the dill in the potato salad), but it would be ideal as a side dish at BBQs too!

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