Aan de Poel** – Amstelveen (May 2018)

After having seen the chefs from Aan de Poel** whilst having lunch at Restaurant 212, we thought that a visit there was long overdue.

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Restaurant 212 – Amsterdam (May 2018)

After ‘t Amsterdammertje*, the second installment of my Christmas present was at Restaurant 212 in Amsterdam.

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Around the World – Restaurang Volt* – Stockholm, Sweden (February 2018)

The second evening of my business trip to Stockholm was spent at Restaurang Volt.

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Around the World – Gastrologik*, Stockholm, Sweden (February 2018)

Another business trip to Sweden, so another opportunity to seek out Nordic cuisine in Stockholm!

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‘t Amsterdammertje* – Loenen (January 2018)

For Christmas, Chantal gave a me quarterly lunches/dinners for 2018. ūüėć Intended to stimulate more fine dining posts here, but clearly some self-interest was involved as the fine print implied that she would have to accompany me and that she would not be the designated driver. Oh, man!! ¬†ūü§Ē Continue reading “‘t Amsterdammertje* – Loenen (January 2018)”

Happy New Year!! (Top 15 posts of 2017)

First of all best wishes for 2018 for you and your loved ones!

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Around the World ‚Äď Pacific Northwest USA (part 14) ‚Äď Napa – Anderson, California

Our next main stops were in Oregon, but it was too much to drive there from Napa Valley in one go, so we had decided on Anderson to spend the night.

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Around the World – Hillside Supperclub, San Francisco (Aug 2017)

Food connects people all over the world. Our visit to Hillside Supperclub in San Francisco was a prime example of that as it was only a couple of months earlier that I met Tony and Austin Ferrari¬†at the communal table of¬†Oaxen Krog**¬†in Stockholm whilst on business trip. ¬† Continue reading “Around the World – Hillside Supperclub, San Francisco (Aug 2017)”

Bar Friterie Bistro Gare du SUD, Utrecht

When going to concerts at the Tivoli De Helling venue in Utrecht, my brother and I always have dinner at a nearby restaurant at the Oosterkade.

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&samhoud places**, Amsterdam (July 2017)

Last week we had a farewell lunch of my former boss. Luckily, she also is a fine dining aficionado, so we celebrated in style at &samhoud places**.

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Librije’s Zusje**, Amsterdam (June 2017)

As part of celebrating me reaching the big 4-0, Chantal took me for lunch at Librije’s Zusje** in Amsterdam.

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Around the World – Norrk√∂ping, Sweden

Early June we had a short family visit to Norrköping, Sweden.

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