Ranked as 3rd in the 2018 Best Burger of The Netherlands competition…

Every couple of months, I drive down to Rotterdam to attend some technical tax seminars. Luckily, it is right next to the Markthal, one of the design hallmarks in Rotterdam.


It combines about 100 indoor market stalls, a dozen or so restaurants, various food shops with residential apartments. Therefore, I tend to go to Rotterdam a bit earlier and walk around and see what is new in the Markthal as there always is some rotation in the stalls and assortment.

This time I opted for a late lunch at Firma Pickles, a burger & wine bar with locations also in Utrecht (2x), Den Bosch, The Hague, and Scheveningen.

Wine: it’s probably fine…

About the menu:
Their menu has a couple of starters (“to accompany the wine”). There is some bread and dips and croquettes and bitterballen (beef, shrimp, and cheese) can also be ordered. The other starters are served on wooden boards (cheese, charcuterie, veggies or mix thereof) but are to be ordered for 2 persons and up.

Obviously, ample choice of burgers and toppings: 10 regular and 5 premium burgers as well as weekly rotation burgers, ranging from €14,25 to €20,00, which includes homemade rosemary fries and a pickle spear (except for the 3 slider combo). Options of patties range from organic beef, veal, chicken, prawns to 2 different vegetarian patties (mushroom or sweet potato-based) which usually weigh around 180g / 6oz. The Double/Triple/Quadruple cheeseburgers use 110g / 4oz. patties, but you can also double up on the regular patties with the Pickles XXL burger. Coleslaw, fries, and pickles are available as side dishes.

If your stomach can muster it, you can finish with some “light” desserts, like Blueberry cheesecake or an Oreo and Whisky chocolate brick…

Unfortunately, that day they experienced some problems with the refrigeration system of their beverages, so everything was at room temperature. Therefore, red wine was about the only sensible option from their reasonably priced “regular” wine list (with about 35 wines all available per glass for €3,75-5,75), although a “special” wine list seems to be available as well.

What I had:
There were some very tempting burgers on the menu, but I opted for “The Winner” (€17,25) which ranked as 3rd in the 2018 Best Burger of The Netherlands competition.

“The Winner”

It is an organic beef patty (at 200g / 7oz slightly bigger than usual), topped with Welsh cheddar, bacon, rocket salad, red onions, grilled onions, mustard, and homemade ketchup served on a toasted brioche bun.

Accolade well deserved as this was a damn tasty burger, accompanied with their delicious rosemary shoestring fries and a great pickle spear. The Aussie Shiraz from Cranswick Estate (€5,75) accompanied the burger very well. Can’t wait for the next seminar…

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