A speedy week-day dinner and a lovely new way to eat gnocchi as we usually have them pan-fried with a sage/butter sauce or with some tomato sauce from the oven.This a recipe from BBC Good Food magazine from June 2011. After years of off-and-on buying the separate issues of Good Food Magazine – as no subscriptions were available here in the Netherlands – I got their iPad subscription in 2012 and last year I added Olive magazine to the mix.

Both have helpful bookmark options, even if I have to delete a few copies in view of lack of storage space on my iPad, they are maintained. I was forced to purge the collection the magazines to make room for cooking books, so now I just have 1 binder with (unsorted) clippings of interesting recipes from many years of various food mags. And find myself more and more browsing the internet for inspiration…. The BBC has recently added older recipes to their site, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I had this one as a clipping too… Here is a link to the recipe on the BBC Good Food site.

What worked and what didn’t:
We (nearly) doubled the recipe as it was supposed to be for 2. The ribbons of courgette fried a lot quicker than I had expected and kept a bite. The sauce was creamy and had a nice leeky flavor. The ratio of cooking liquid to mascarpone is good, as it was still a light sauce. However, I only used the original amount of mascarpone and cooking liquid as we had only 500g of (very) fresh gnocchi and I was concerned that an abundance of sauce would “drown” the soft gnocchi.

In short, a rather tasty weekday meal in about 20 minutes. At least we thought it was, the kids weren’t very enthusiastic about the creamy sauce and demanded the “old fashioned” gnocchi. They didn’t complain about half a red chili pepper I added. Hurrah!

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe is accurate and would indeed serve 2. I would recommend to slightly undercook your gnocchi as you will warm them through in the sauce and put them under the grill too. That way, they will keep their shape and don’t become mushy.

Suggested tweaks:
I thought it could use 1 clove of garlic and perhaps some fresh thyme.

Verdict: 7/10; Will likely be made again

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