Brussels sprouts?? It must have been Christmas, then!! 😁Anyway, sautĂ©ed Brussels sprouts have a delicious nutty flavour and combined with the creamy aspect of the lasagna – a recipe by Kenji LĂłpez-Alt I found on Serious Eats – this seemed a winner.

What worked and what didn’t:
It indeed worked like a charm 🙂 However, given the quantities involved (it serves more like 8 persons), be sure to grab the largest frying pan you have (at least 28cm) or work in batches and you will have to use a big lasagna pan. Be generous with seasoning in general especially with the thyme for the mushroom mixture!

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe was easy  to follow and the overall time (2 hours, including 40 minutes oven and resting) was accurate, but it involved quite some prep work.

Suggested tweaks:
In the bĂ©chamel sauce they used grated mozzarella: it did give the lasagna very nice gooey layers, but it did not pack too much flavour. Next time I’d also add some GruyĂšre or parmesan cheese to the bĂ©chamel sauce. I also added some walnut oil to the finished sautĂ©ed Brussels sprouts to enhance their nutty flavour.

Verdict: 8/10; Definitely will make it again.

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