A recipe that I wanted to try for lunch since the summer was the Stacked Green Pig Sandwich that was featured over at Lady and PupsThe fried pork scallopini doused with the tangy rocket sauce together with the avocado smeared on the sandwich: it seemed a match made in heaven. I also had a bunch of left-over sage leaves in the fridge that I just had to use for this mouth-watering Italian-inspired sandwich.

What worked and what didn’t:
The sandwich is indeed a match made in heaven. The only downside is timing. It takes quite some time to bash the crap out of flatten the pork loin, skewer the sage leaves on them, flour and fry them, let them cool a bit to get the skewers out (that not so unimportant bit was left out of the recipe…) and then build the sandwich. It is very gratifying, though!

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe was easy to follow, and the measures of ingredients work well together. The step-by-step photos on the Lady and Pups site are helpful too. Mandy was quite right about frying the scallopini just on one side to keep the pork tender.

Suggested tweaks:
Perhaps it was the small size of my pork loin, but instead of making a bunch of small ones, I’d prefer 2 or 3 larger cuts next time. Still enough layers to pack with the rocket sauce…

Verdict: 9/10; Definitely will make it again.

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