Koen and I had another cookout recently. We picked this entrée so we could use the Sousvide for (almost) all elements.

Learning from experience we tried to avoid a huge hassle of preparing all elements of all the dishes pretty much at the same time. Therefore, we deliberately chose to get the Sousvide out, so we could cook the majority of the elements during the day and reheat/keep them warm without a chance of overcooking them.

The main idea for the recipe comes from the Sous Vide Asparagus with Sous Vide Egg, Pancetta, and Hollandaise from the Sansaire site, but as we had some time on our hands we decided to try the Sous Vide Hollandaise foam from the Modernist Cuisine site as well.

Normally, a Hollandaise is quite a tricky sauce to prepare as already slightly overheating will scramble the eggs. Using a Sousvide is a fool-proof method to consistently great results as you cannot overheat the eggs. The siphoning is an optional extra step in that recipe, but it does give a lighter touch to the dish than just spooning the sauce over the asparagus.

The phasing was ideal as the trimmed and buttered asparagus need cooking at 85°C / 185°F for 15 to 20 minutes before cooling them down in an ice bath. After bringing down the Sous Vide to 65°C / 149°F you can cook the eggs (45 up to 60 minutes) and the Hollandaise mixture (30 minutes). Whilst finishing and siphoning the Hollandaise sauce and frying the pancetta cubes, the temperature of the Sous Vide is further reduced to 55°C / 131°F which is the perfect setting for reheating the asparagus (about 30 minutes) and keeping both the Sousvide eggs and siphoned Hollandaise foam warm until plating.

We omitted the cayenne pepper from the recipe but finished with some leftover chopped black truffle and vanilla salt flakes. The slightly sweet touch of the latter combines very well with the acidity in the Hollandaise foam and the bitter hits of the lemon zest.


We were quite happy with the results!

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