I was initially a bit hesitant about the combination of ingredients and flavors for this chickpea salad, but it turned out super tasty.

The original recipe by María del Mar Sacasa can be found here over at Serious Eats. This salad is intended to be served warm with pita bread, but it is terrific on its own and both warm and cold.

I liked the process of preparing the salad, cooking the chickpea with onion and garlic and mashing half of them to absorb the stock to give it a mix of textures. Especially that smoothness from the chickpeas goes very well with the crunchy chorizo cubes and firm and salty, garlicky prawns.

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe is accurate, easy to follow, and indeed serves 4 persons.

Suggested tweaks:
The shredded rocket leaves give it a little kick too, but we missed some additional herbs and some real heat, despite the dried red chili flakes. I used Portuguese Piri Piri pepper/garlic sauce to keep the dish more Iberian. However, some chopped flat-leaf parsley and/or coriander would complement the meal too, and adding some harissa chili paste to give the dish nudge towards a more North African style. You can’t go wrong either way!

Verdict: 9/10; Will definitely be made again

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