Perfect Sousvide Egg with Mushroom Custard

This is a recipe I got from Masterchef Australia as I wanted to use my sousvide wateroven again.

I am still trying out various temperatures for the eggs to get my favourite consistency. Furthermore, Chantal – correctly – assumed that choosing this recipe would be a great excuse for me to pick up a “Smoking Gun” from Polyscience (via

What worked and what didn’t:
For the eggs I used 62.5C @ 1 hour, instead of the suggested 62C @52 minutes, so get them slightly more firm.

I wasn’t sure about the salmon roe emulsion as it would again be a soft texture, so I opted to switch that one with some gravad lax from my fishmonger. You can easily leave it out.

Instead of messing about trying to oven-cook the custard in the pots, I used the sousvide too to make a foolproof mushroom custard (75C @ 1 hour) and it came out nice and velvety.

The result sure looked impressive and the hickory smoke really added an interesting taste to all the ingredients. We combined the dish with a 2012 Jurtschitsch/Sonnhof Riesling Reserve Zöbinger Heiligenstein (€16

Recipe accuracy:
The recipe was easy to follow and timing was accurate.

Suggested tweaks:
The measures for the parmesan crisps and breadcrumbs were way to much.

Verdict: 8/10; worth making again

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