Spring is coming…

Another Test Kitchen Tuesday at Jaimie van Heije earlier this week. Last time we attended the TKT was back in September 2018 when we sampled dishes for Jaimie’s autumn menu and provided detailed feedback via a questionnaire. Starting this year, the restaurant’s menu will align with the 5 annual seasons, the last being the “festive” season of course. The TKT events will follow the same frequency, so now it was time to try out the new dishes for the Spring menu. The questionnaire itself was a bit more elaborate and even had a taste test where we were asked to identify the flavors in the sauce of the 3rd course.

Again a full 6-course TKT menu, regular and vegetarian, at €60 per person (to be prepaid at booking) with the option to order their seasonal “boozy” oyster (€4 apiece) served between the amuse and the first course. We ended with tea and friandises (€5.50). The wine pairings consisted of pours of 2 different wines for each of the courses except dessert, so you mostly have 1 glass of wine per course which – at €45 – was priced the same as their regular pairings. Also available at halfsies for €22,50, which effectively leaves you with a sip of each of the wines per course. This time the wine pairings were not mentioned in the menu, and I didn’t take notes on them either (apart from a picture of a very lovely South African 2017 Mr. P Knows Pinot Noir by Iona), but no complaints on any of the wines. Chantal and I often had the same favorite, and where we didn’t agree, it was clearly caused by the slightly different flavor profiles of the vegetarian ingredients.

Due to a miscommunication from our side, we belatedly started with a glass of Pehu Simonet champagne (€11,50), but the whole pace of dinner was adapted accordingly, so luckily, nothing felt rushed. As they are still testing dishes, below mostly just the pictures and information from the menu.

As to be expected for a Spring menu, the dishes were very fresh and light and presented with flair. Some flavors could have been a bit more prominent, but many of the dishes were just good as is. The wolffish and lamb and peas dishes were stellar. The risotto was also outstanding but seemed less appropriate for the spring theme.

green apple amuse
Amuse: Green Apple | Minestrone shot (not depicted)

Nice presentation of the Fine de Ronce Oyster with Pisco Sour, Mango, and Pumpkin. Not the same kick from the Moscow Mule oyster I had last time, but the sweetness of the mango and pumpkin balanced nicely with the citrusy pisco sour and the salinity of the oyster.

1. Rosary: Mackarel | Radish | Apple | Horseradish
potato at sea
2. Potato at Sea: Oppendoezer Ronde Potato | Dutch grey prawns | Watercress
wolf fish
3. Wolffish | Dashi | Ramsons (Daslook) tempura | Green Asparagus
4. Quail | Risotto | Egg yolk | Morel mushrooms
lamb and peas
5. Lamb | Peas | Spiced Jus
butterfly garden
6. Butterfly garden: Rhubarb | White chocolate | Yoghurt | Lemon
Friandises: Tartelettes with Cream and frozen Raspberry | Lemongrass Salted Caramel | Violet Marshmallow “Spekkies”

In short, we can’t wait for the TKT event for the summer menu!

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