With the restaurants closed yet again, we are trying out fine dining food-boxes the entire month of November.

First up was Olivijn* in Haarlem, which was one of our best dining experiences of 2019, that we wanted to share with Koen and Erica as now available at home as a food box.

For our Olivijn Thuis box, we had elected their weekly changing 5-course menu (EUR 62), one more than the standard menu (EUR 50) as it had one of our favourite dishes from the restaurant, the truffle gnocchi, as the additional course. We ordered the vegetarian menu for Chantal, of course. We also ordered some Friandises (EUR 4 per person) to conclude dinner, but Koen and I raided our cellars for the wine pairings.

I ordered via Olivijn’s website and picked up the food up at the restaurant in Haarlem, but you can also have it delivered at home (Groot Randstad, Amersfoort and Den Bosch regions) via Thuis uit Eten.

While kicking-off with a glass of 2013 Vintage Brut Rosé by Graham Beck, a Methode Cap Classique predominantly from Pinot Noir, and with a hint of Chardonnay (Western Cape, South Africa), we started unpacking.

As you can see, each 4-course meal came in it’s own paper boxes with all components packed in numbered containers. The extra courses, friandises and Olivijn’s special Citrus 10 Gin (still untouched) came in a separate paper bag.

The instructions (with links to an instruction video and a Spotify playlist) were obvious and straight forward, and we gladly concluded that there wasn’t very much preparation needed for each of the dishes. Apart from 2 saucepans (for reheating the bouillabaisse and the caraway sauce for the main dish) and the oven (to bake off the bread, and warm through the duck, “steak-carrot”, and gnocchi in their paper containers), there was no additional kitchen equipment or washing up needed. The pictures of the final dishes were tiny, so there was quite a lot of room for interpretation on how the plates should look like.

As to be expected, the food was delicious, easy to prepare and assemble and therefore the Olivijn Thuis food box is highly recommended.

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