Burger Week at Arcisfoodblog: 6 posts on some of the more remarkable burgers I “encountered” in the past couple of months; either homemade or in restaurants. In our shopping mall in Amstelveen, there is a food bar called Day. It opened last year, mainly focussing on Italian food, but slowly more and more Spanish food is making its way onto the menu. The latest addition was their “Iberico burger”.

What worked and what didn’t:
Starting off, I only got a fork from the waiter. When the wooden serving board was brought to the table, it was obviously done on purpose 🙂 Considering the width of the wooden board, it was an absolute necessity to prevent it from sliding off… These boards look nice, but as there is no room whatsoever to handle the burger without spilling on the table, I really suggest a regular plate or wider board for this one.

Right, back to the burger: an Iberico pork patty over slices of chorizo, covered with manchego cheese, rocket, thinly sliced red onion and aioli served on a toasted focaccia. A nice sweet paprika mayo was served with homemade twice cooked fries. I really had to fight off the kids for these…

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of this Iberico patty as they often becomes a dense, almost processed, meat pucks. This one was still juicy and tasted great. The spicy smokiness of the chorizo, the distinct flavour from the manchego with the kicks from the rocket and aioli make it a well balanced burger. I am personally not a huge fan of rectangular slabs of focaccia for round burgers, and don’t get the Spanish link, but it tasted okay though.

I thought that The Gård Burger was expensive at EUR 15, but this one even topped that: EUR 17,50. Still a quite a lot of money, but I think it’s overall better value for money in view of the more expensive ingredients.

Verdict: 8,5/10

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