So, what to do if you have a 3kg/ 6Ā¾ lbs slab of pork belly lurking in the freezer? You organize another cookout with Koen…šŸ˜Ž

We tried 4 recipes with differentĀ preparationsĀ (deep-fried, oven-roasted, sous vide and slow-cooked) of which first 3 were successful and latter was a total disaster.

To get the bad one out of the way: it was chili con carne I found over on BBC Good Food, which looked very promising due to the use of pork belly and stewing steak as well as diced lemon. Besides that fact that the chili itself – even with 3 whole tablespoons of pimenton chili powder – was ratherĀ bland, the lemon proved its downfall. Although the pithy core and seeds were removed, the chili had an overpowering bitter and sour aftertaste, which unfortunately could not be remedied as it seeped into the meat while stewing. I must remember to scan all reviews: most of the positives turned out to be made without the lemon…Ā 

More posts to follow on the successful ones…

Pork belly teaser #1
Pork belly teaser #1
Pork belly teaser #2
Pork belly teaser #2


Pork belly teaser #3



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